Just a little Reminder

It takes a major event in someone's life to make them realize just how much he or she has been taking things for granted.Many of us never realize just how important that thing or person is to us until they are well & truly gone from our lives, it's all to easy to neglect what's really important & not realize it until it's too late.

Many of us also take life for granted.We always think that we're invincible & fail to realize just how fragile the human body & life, for that matter, really are. We never give death a second thought in our daily routine but to constantly think about death would make us inevitably paranoid. But that's no way to live our life,is it?

Life is a very fragile thing.It can be taken away from any of us in an instant.Sometimes, we know its coming & we start preparing for the inevitable departure. Other times, death comes as swift & sudden as a gust of wind,which leaves those who are left behind in a state of shock.A death, whether expected or unexpected,causes a whirlwind of emotions to surface,leaving mourners to wallow in their sorrow in state of confusion,anger,sadness & regret.

As we grow older,we get wiser & begin to realize what's truly important in life.We soon realize that flashy cars, expensive handbags,watches,big luxurious bungalows & money are all temporary & superficial. None of this last forever. What we should treasure are the connections we make with all the different people in our life & try our very best to keep those connections intact during our short time on this earth. Never let any of those connections slip away if u can help it. Reach out & stay in touchh with everyone u know,whether it's your friend from primary school or some girl u just met at the restaurant. IF FACEBOOK SUGGESTS YOU SAY HELLO TO SOMEONE,BLOODY DO IT.

The next time you meet a friend or have dinner with your family, let them know how much you appreciate them being in your life.Let them know that you will be there for them,as they have been there for you. Thank them, hug them, kiss them, do whatever you can to let them know that you love them & that they have a friend in you no matter what, because life is precious,blessed & extremely fragile thing which could be taken away from anyone of us at any moment.

Rest in peace OPAH, I'm sorry I wasn't a better grand daughter. You will always be loved & never forgotten. Allah bless your kind & loving soul..

* To all my family members & friends, I love you with all my heart..do keep in touch & forget me not *

~~ from Syuhada with love ~~